Thank You

A Message

I recently lost my mother to the pandemic, and it has been tough to cope with the loss. This morning, the strangest thing happened.

I was standing in the kitchen, having just made my morning coffee. The house was silent, the family asleep. My laptop was in the other room, and my phone was in my pocket. Suddenly, I started hearing music playing quietly like a ringtone, and I think “what the heck?”

So, I started looking for the music to find the source before it wakes up the baby. It seems like it’s coming from my laptop. But my laptop is closed, and the headphones are plugged into the side like they always are.

I pick up my laptop, and yep, definitely coming from there. So, I open the laptop expecting to find it open to a window playing the song. But no, I open it and find that I have to get through the Windows lock screen and then find the window and tab somehow playing this song.

So, as I do that the whole time I’m thinking, what the actual heck, and what song even is this? When I get to the tab, it’s playing “Thank You” by Alanis Morrisette, which definitely feels like a message. But that sounds freaky, and so I tell myself that it could be some weird combination of failed technology and coincidence, right?

But, when I look closely at the video playing the song, I see that this song is just a small piece of the entire video which was a greatest hits album video. This was the second song. I never heard the first song playing in my silent house at all. It just started with the first. I am a million percent sure that I didn’t pull this video up yesterday and then forget, I look up songs, not full albums. I’m still stuck on “what the heck?!?”

Strange right? This is the song by itself, and it’s not even one of my favorite songs by her. I’m not sure if this is a message from my mom or what the universe is trying to tell me exactly. But it definitely feels like something. So weird, am I right? I would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

I would really like to hear about your experiences or ideas about this strange occurrence. I am taking it as a message from the non-physical energies around me, specifically what message and specifically from who I’m not sure. I am pretty easy to find on social media like Twitter or Discord if you want to chat about it. You can also leave a comment below.

Be Well!